Return Pet Peeve

Returns of an item you’ve sold are never great, but some can be really frustrating.

When you’re in sales, having returns are inevitable. There is always going to be a shirt that doesn’t fit right, a duplicate to one you’re gifting to, or sometimes the item was broken during shipping. I have no problem refunding for most reasons, even when they just change their mind. My frustration comes from when the buyer lies about the reason so that I get charged for the return shipping.

My return policy, clearly stated on my listings, is that the buyer pays for return shipping. However, eBay’s return rule is that if the item is NAD (not as described), then the seller must pay for the return shipping. Some buyer’s take advantage of this and will claim that it’s not as described when that’s not the case.

I recently sold a lizard trinket box. I described it as completely as I could. There wasn’t a brand name of any kind on it or the box. A gentleman purchased it, and when he received it started a return with this reasoning:

Reason for return: Doesn’t seem authentic

Comments: Hi, I received this Lizard trinket and unfortunately it is not authentic. I have been collecting Trinket Boxes for 20 years and I could tell right away that this was a knockoff. The original design of this lizard is exclusive to Jere as listed here: https: The paint on the trinket I received is not evenly applied, it lacks weight and the overall workmanship is poor. I assume you didn t know about this prior to listing as there are many chinese manufacturers knocking off luxury trinket designs. I need to return this for a full refund. Thank you, Mike

No where in this listing did I claim it to be anything other than a trinket box. I didn’t say it was an authentic anything, just a lizard trinket box. I have never heard of this Jere company, or that there was such a thing as “authentic” trinket boxes. I just thought that they were just cute little display pieces that people collect.

Because the buyer chose “doesn’t seem authentic” as the reason for the return, he is suggesting that I led him to believe it was, therefore making it NAD. When in fact, he changed his mind when he realized he wasn’t getting a $78 (what Jere charges) trinket box for $25. eBay automatically sent him a shipping label and charged me for it. When I attempted to explain to him my reasoning, he skirted around the issue.

Another return was for a decorative box. The listing I had was for 3 sizes of the same decorative box. The buyer chose “small” from the drop down menu and I shipped it out that day. When she received it, she started a return claiming that I had sent the wrong item, she wanted the large box. When I sent her a screen shot of her order showing that she had ordered the small not the large her response was “Oh well, sorry.” EBay had already sent her the shipping label at my cost because she had claimed it was my error.

Unfortunately, there are just people out there that will do these things to avoid paying. I have called eBay before about this, and there really isn’t any way they can prove or disprove most of them. I clearly am in the right in both of the cases I stated, but calling eBay, sitting on hold for hours, and jumping through hoops just isn’t worth the time or effort for me.

I do however, block these buyers from purchasing from me again by putting them on my blocked buyers list.

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