Slow Winter Sales

After the boom of the holiday season sales, the first of the year can be quite a let down.

As in any business, sales decrease after the holidays. People are trying to recover from the spending they did for Christmas and aren’t looking to buy extras. Now is the time to find seasonal appropriate items to help keep your store profitable.

Winter is a great time to list clothing you don’t wear anymore, or that you found at the goodwill bins. Surprisingly enough, it doesn’t just have to be warm winter clothing. Although it might feel like everywhere is in a deep freeze, there are still some very warm locations left. Not to mention for those winter vacations coming up. If you live in the Northeast, and need a bathing suit in February, you are not going to find one in a store. Most online stores won’t have them either. You have to look towards places like eBay, Mercari, Poshmark, etc. to find things like bathing suits, sandals, or even a beach towel.

Another great item to have in your inventory at this time of year is any sewing supplies. Any one who makes homemade gifts or items to sell start at this time of year to have them ready for Christmas and craft fairs. They can also keep you busy when the weather keeps you inside. Fabrics, kits, threads, and sewing notions are in great demand at this time of year.

EBay and Etsy are great sites to list these items on. Just remember, if you list an item on multiple sites, be sure and delete it if it sells on one.

Valentine items are also a good seller for this time of year. Specialty cards with popular figures are a great item to add to your inventory.

If you’re also an affiliate, this is a great time to put a little more effort into sharing others businesses and efforts. Every little bit helps!

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