Storing Your Sales Inventory

Finding a place to keep your sales inventory is only have the battle. Keeping it clean and in pristine condition is the other half.

If you’re going to advertise an item as brand new condition, then buyers expect, (as they should) to find the item in a perfectly clean condition. They shouldn’t receive an item that’s covered in dust, or animal hair, or that smells like cigarette smoke. In some instances, a buyer that is allergic to animal dander or cigarette smoke, can become ill just by opening the package you send. For this reason, always mention in your product description if your items come from a pet free or smoke free home.

Cloth items

When I am preparing to store clothing items, stuffed animals, fat quarters, or anything else made of cloth, I bag and seal them, and place them in a tote or box. I found a great deal at the Goodwill store on some generic 2 gallon zip seal bags. They are great for the larger items such as sweaters or jeans. Even some jackets can be stored in these. Smaller items can be sealed into 1 gallon or 1 quart bags. This will keep these items clean, dust free, odor free, and ready to ship when purchased. I do remove the item from the storage bag before mailing so that I can re-use the storage bag.


Temperature sensitive

Product such as dvds, or record albums, should be stored on a shelf in a regulated temperature room, away from direct sunlight. Storing these items in a basement is never a good idea as dampness can damage the play-ability of these items. Anything exposed to direct sunlight can cause fading or warping, depending on the item, so it’s never a good idea.


Glass items are kept high on a shelf. I usually give these items a wash just before mailing as they can become dusty and lose their shine. Books are also kept on a shelf that I periodically dust to keep clean.

Everything else

Most everything else is kept in a tote or in banker’s boxes. Banker’s boxes are great boxes with covers that you buy in a folded flat state. You can fold them out into a box when needed, and flatten back out to store when you don’t. I actually have almost 100 banker’s boxes in use at this moment.

Always remember that your buyer should receive the item exactly as you described it. Care for your inventory as you would hope someone you are buying from would.


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