Supplies Needed for eBay

There are a number of supplies you will need to keep stocked, to maintain a successful business. As discussed in Shipping & Packaging, an assortment of sizes in the flat rate priority boxes is important to have on hand. Regular cardboard boxes and shoe boxes of various sizes and shapes are good to hang onto. I never pay for boxes as the flat rate are free, and the others I keep when I get something in them.

Shipping Supplies

Two or three sizes of bubble or padded envelopes, and poly bags are also good to have, but it really all depends on what you’re selling. If all you’re selling is DVDs, then you just need the one size padded envelope. If you sell anything that isn’t nailed down like I do, then you need an assortment. Make sure you’re packaging your item well. I didn’t wrap a soapstone incense board with enough bubble wrap and it snapped in half during shipping.

Also needed are self adhesive shipping labels. I order mine on eBay, and there are 2 labels on each sheet.

Postal Supplies

You can see it here.

Printing Supplies

Obviously, you will need a printer to print your labels on. I have a HP Laserjet P1102w which was quite inexpensive, and the ink lasts a long time, for a third of the cost of regular ink.


You can see it here.

You will need a postage scale. Mine has a limit of 15 lbs, which I also purchased on eBay.


You can see it here.

Camera Box

Bubble wrap, wide clear packing tape, a measuring tape and a camera should get you started. Not necessary, but very useful is a camera light box with lights. My son bought me one for Christmas and I recently purchased lights which make the pictures look bright, clear and uniform. This will be discussed more in another post.

Light Box

You can see it here.

Other than the boxes I get from the post office and from personal use, I get most of my supplies from eBay sellers or Amazon. The packing tape and bubble wrap you can also buy at a local department store, but as with all things, look for those bargains, and stock up when you find them!

If you find a seller with good prices and a good product, be sure and save them to your favorites. You’ll know where to go when you need to reorder.

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