Thank God It’s Friday!

What a week this has been! I’m exhausted!

This was the week that I was supposed to babysit my 9 month old granddaughter Brookelynn while her babysitter was on vacation. But because we had so much rain this week, her father who is a painter, didn’t have much work, so I only had her two days.┬áThat’s probably a good thing or I would have collapsed! lol

Other than the rain making parts of my body ache, (getting older is not for the faint of heart), the week didn’t start off too bad. It’s been very humid, but I got quite a bit done on the organizing of my inventory that I’ve been trying to do, and I listed about 50 more items for sale.

On Wednesday I had the baby and she was terrific! She loves to play in her playpen with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing on the T.V. She entertains herself for long periods of time. She’s actually a pretty easy baby to handle, only crying when she’s hungry or needs to be changed. When she became tired, she just laid herself down in the playpen and took a nap.


Wednesday afternoon, my husband Errol had an appointment to pick up his sleep study machine to test him for sleep apnea. That meant it was the couch for me that night. No way was I sleeping in the bedroom with the air conditioner off, and it needs to be quiet in the room you’re taking the sleep test in. Our couch is one with recliners on either end which means it’s not very comfortable to lie down on. I dozed sitting upright in the recliner. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep. Our cocker Duncan didn’t sleep well either. He snores, so he got kicked out of the bedroom too, and he didn’t much care for that! He’s resting now.


On the way back from the appointment, we stopped in at Kohl’s and were thrilled to find the exact Jojo Siwa backpack that my granddaughter Aya wanted for school. She was quite happy when we gave it to her.


We did however cause a problem when we didn’t get her 3 year old sister Aly a backpack. Papa felt so bad that he asked her who she’d like to have on hers, (Minnie Mouse,) and promised that we would look for one.

On Thursday, two of my friends and I had made breakfast and shopping plans. We started out having breakfast at a diner called Third Alarm Diner. They always make a great meal! Then we battled the heat and humidity and went to three different stores in the next town.

First we went to a surplus and salvage store where I find a lot of my inventory. It’s always a hit or miss there. I didn’t find much at first, but then my friend Jo pointed out some trinket boxes. These are usually quite collectible, and these in particular were very nice. Then my friend Cindy noticed some very cute resin signs with some clever sayings on them. I guess it’s a good thing I had them with me since I apparantly wasn’t being very observant!

We then went to the dollar store where I picked up some snacks for the girls and Jo got a couple of pails for blueberry picking. Our last stop was Walmart. First thing we did was look for a Minnie Mouse backpack. It wasn’t looking good at first, and then a customer who overheard what we were looking for pointed out the only one, and it was perfect!

I picked up some some store supplies and a few camouflage baseball caps that were on clearance, and we were done for the day. It was just too humid, and as our local weather man called it today, “Too icky sticky!”

Thursday nights sleep didn’t go much better than Wednesdays and Duncan is now becoming pretty annoyed with the whole situation. He kept running down the hallway and standing in front of the bedroom door and looking at me as if to say “Come on Mom, let’s go to bed.” He finally gave up and came and laid next to me on the couch.

Today I have Brookelynn and we have to run some errands. Mainly I have to return the sleep machine back to the doctor’s office in Biddeford, Maine. After that I’m pretty sure that there may be a nap in our future! I’ll be certainly glad, as will Duncan, to be back in my bedroom and bed tonight!



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