“That’s What You Said Nana!”

I have always found it funny how literal little ones can take what you say. 

We recently had our cable shut off, and now use the Amazon firestick instead. If you’ve never used a firestick, the screen display reminds me of the display screen on your computer. You have a home screen with a bunch of icons that you use on your computer screen. On the firestick, you have a bunch of apps instead of icons.

fire stick


My 6 year old granddaughter Aya, was trying to find a certain show that she likes to watch, and couldn’t locate it on the app Hulu.

She came to me quite frustrated, and asked for my help. I looked at the screen, and realized that she wanted the Netflix app, and not Hulu. I told her that she had to “go out of there, and then come back in”, meaning she had to leave the Hulu app, and go into the Netflix app. She looked at me strangely, put down the remote, walked out into the kitchen, turned around, and came back into the living room. She picked up the remote, looked at me and said “now what?”

You can see the Amazon firestick here.

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