The Renovation

This fall we had quite a bit of work done to the outside of our home.

Our home is about 40 years old, and needed some work done. The inside needed it too, but we figured if there wasn’t an outside, there was no need for an inside. So the outside was going to be first.

We contacted D & R Renovations to do the job. Dan & Roger Williams are brothers that Errol had worked with at Shaws Warehouse in Wells, Maine. They both retired from Shaws and started a renovation company.

We walked them around the house and gave them our list:

new roof
new doors and windows
new deck
vinyl siding
a doghouse to replace the bulkhead

They gave us a price and the fun began!

Before pictures:

The guys started first with the deck. After an afternoon of demolishing it, it only took them a few days to give us this beautiful deck!

They then started on the doors and windows. It sure did make a big difference in light going from stained frames to white painted ones!

Then the built the doghouse where the metal bulkhead was. I think that is quite an improvement.

Dan & Roger hired a company to do the roof, which only took one day.

Part of their estimate included the cost of two huge dumpsters in the front yard. Boy, did Errol and I take advantage of that! We cleaned out a lot of junk that had been hanging around.

He and I even tore down the shed in the back yard in anticipation of the new one that we’d ordered arriving. A couple of weeks later our new shed arrived with matching siding and roof.

The siding took them awhile, but I can’t get over how nice it looks. Again, the lighter color lightens up the whole area, and even makes the house look bigger.

Last but not least, the put the shutters on. We started noticing that the majority of houses around here don’t bother to have shutters. I feel that a house looks like a blank face without shutters.

The outside is looking great now. Hopefully next year, we can start on the inside.

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