The Wild Outdoors

My husband Errol really enjoys the wildlife that he finds in our backyard.

He has always had several bird feeders in the backyard, but this year got a little more into it and has been feeding more than just birds.

Our granddaughters, Aya and Aly, enjoy being outdoors and being with Papa. They have begun going out with him each day to check the feeders, and throw some peanuts out for the squirrels and raccoons.

Just recently, he purchased a salt lick after seeing deer footprints around the feeders. It wasn’t long before the salt lick had disappeared! He purchased another and this time, decided to put up his trail cam to see if he could get some pictures of the deer or any wildlife coming to eat at night.

He and the girls put the cam up, and then a couple of days later went to get the SD card. I put it into my computer and got a bit of a laugh about the pictures that came up. 6 pictures of the salt lick, with Errol and Aya taking the used cat litter out into the woods to dump!

Errol and the girls went out to put the SD card back in the camera and the next day we got these pictures.

It wasn’t a complete bust though, we got squirrel!

Never discouraged, the three traipsed back out, filled the feeders, spread some peanuts, threw out a couple clementines that had turned, and replaced the SD card. They’re all pretty hopeful to catch some deer on the camera soon.

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