Things I Love – Gifts From Amazon

There is nothing I like more than to have an Amazon box show up on my deck, when I know I haven’t recently ordered anything. It means that someone I love is thinking of me, and have sent me something great!

I was having a particularly trying week a couple of weeks ago, and my son Tony and his wife Thea sent me a great surprise from Amazon, a 30 count of healthy snacks! It even came in a beautiful, red cloth gift bag!


It definitely brightened my day!

A few months ago, I was telling my friend Joanne how, (like many households I’m sure), no one ever changes the empty toilet paper roll. It seemed to me that every time I entered the bathroom, I had to change the roll! Two days later, I received a small box from Amazon containing this:

 You can see it here.

Definitely put a smile on my face, and it now sits prominently beside the toilet paper holder! I do feel however, that this is the place for a disclaimer. As cute as this sign is, and as much as I enjoy it each time I see it, it did not encourage anyone else in my home to change the toilet paper!

Sometimes the smallest things can really brighten someone’s day, and Amazon is ready and willing to help you with that!




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