This is a Vacation?

My husband Errol was off from work this week, but I certainly wouldn’t call it a vacation.

He and I usually use these weeks to catch up on things around the house that we just don’t have time for normally, and for doctor appointments.

Monday I had a doctor appointment first thing and then we spent the rest of the day shopping. We went to a surplus store, a department store, a craft store, an office products store, and a grocery store. That evening we went to the movies with our good friend Jo and saw the movie Colette.

Tuesday started off with another of my doctor’s appointments and then back to the office supply store. (They gave me a $10 coupon the day before. You can never have enough bubble wrap!) We stopped at one of our favorite local breakfast places and then to the drugstore to pick up prescriptions. We then went home and we emptied our granddaugter Aya’s room out. Errol tore up her carpet while I wrapped birthday and Christmas presents, (I like to start early.) When we were both done, we laid down a new bound carpet in her room and put back all of her furniture and toys. Then I made a Stove Top Meatloaf for dinner that was delicious!


Wednesday our Cocker Spaniel Duncan had his doctor appointment. Duncan has had skin issues for most of his life and this visit was no different. We were sent home with antibiotics and steroids with a recheck in two weeks.


In the afternoon we took the two older granddaughters Aya and Aly for their flu shots. Aly, the almost 4 year old was all gungho about going. She loves to play doctor check up and didn’t even care that it was for a shot. Aya, the almost 8 year old was a different story. She started to cry as soon as she found out about the appointment 2 days before. She was ok when we got to the doctor’s office, Aly was excited. When the nurse called us in, Aly jumped up onto the exam table and Aya sat in a chair. The nurse let them choose their bandaids (they both chose Scooby Doo). The nurse brought in the shots, and I stood in front of Aly, holding her to me, while the nurse administered the shot. Aly cried for a second at the moment of the shot, and then was all set. She jumped down and said “Aya, your turn”. I turn to look at Aya and her face is all screwed up out of shape crying. Trying to comfort her as I led her to the exam table, I hold her as I had held Aly. Aya stopped crying as she watched the nurse getting ready. Aya looked away for a moment, and the nurse gave the shot, and Aya didn’t even feel it. We all laughed that she had cried beforeĀ the shot, but not during or after.


Thursday was Errol’s turn to see the doctor. He had had some bloodwork done and was going to see what it told the doctor. He’s doing pretty well for an “old guy”. {wink} We stopped and had breakfast at Congdon’s Doughnuts, a fantastic doughnut shop and restaurant in Wells Maine. We stopped at Urgent Care for more bloodwork that the doctor wanted and then to the drugstore to pick up some prescriptions. We took the afternoon to ourselves and just lounged on the bed and watched some T.V. In the evening I did some ever popular and fun bill paying!

Today we are taking Errol’s Ford Explorer to the junk yard, and I need to cut the vent in the rug in Aya’s room. (I put that off for a few days to allow my knees to recover from the first day of rug laying.) I also need to make one of the appetizers that we’re taking with us to Errol’s sister Noreen’s house on Saturday night. We’re going to visit and play some cards. I think I’m going to make a pork loin recipe I found for dinner. You’ll see it on a future Wednesday recipe post.

Saturday afternoon I’m getting my hair cut.

This week has been exhausting! I’ll be glad when we both get back to our regular routines so we can rest a bit!

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