Tips on Saving Money

If you’re like me, it’s hard to save money. There never seems to be “extra”. I have found a couple things that help me save for those special reasons.

I found a chart one day, while surfing the net. It’s a 52 week plan. Each week, you put away one dollar for each week that it is. Week one you put away $1, week 2 you put away $2, by week 52, you’ve saved $1378. Makes for a great Christmas fund, or even vacation fund. Doing it this way makes it not so hard to find the “extra” to put away.


Another way I’ve found makes it easier is direct deposit. If it goes directly from your paycheck into a bank account, you don’t really miss it. I have savings accounts for each of my granddaughters that I have $5 a week direct deposited into them. $5 may not seem like much, but it sure adds up. In September, when it’s time to sign up for dance, they use “their” money to pay their dance tuition. It sure is nice to not have to pay that bill each month, and it makes them feel good that they are paying it for themselves!


We also use direct deposit to put aside money for some of our larger bills like the mortgage and the car payment. Instead of having the exact amount needed for the bills deposited, we round up to the next $50 amount. If the bills equal $301.50 a week, we have $350 deposited weekly. Not only are we saving the bill amount, but we are saving an extra $49.50 a week, or $198 a month!

These are some of the ways that work for us, but any way that helps you save money is a good way!

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