Top Rated Seller Status on eBay

There are discounts that you can get by maintaining a Top Rated seller status. First, you must consistently meet eBay’s performance standards for sales and shipment tracking. The benefits to meeting eBay’s Top Rated seller status includes a discount of 10% for final value fees. This is subtracted from your monthly bill. Even a small discount like 10% can add up over time.

Seller Level


Seller Status Requirements

Top seller requirements include being active for at least 90 days, having at least 100 transactions, and $1000 in sales with U.S. buyers over the most recent 12-month period. You will also need to upload valid shipment tracking to My eBay within your promised handling time for at least 90% of your transactions with buyers in the last 3 months. You must also have a 30-day (or longer) money back return policy and the same or 1-day handling time are the final requirements to receive Top Rated status.

Sellers that want to maintain their Top Rated status can only have a maximum of 0.5% of transactions with one or more defects over the most recent evaluation period. Only U.S. buyers count toward your seller performance on eBay. You must meet eBay’s Money Back Guarantee and PayPal’s Purchase Protection case requirements of 0.3%. Finally, you must also maintain less than a 3% late shipment rate. As a result, you’ll sport the Top Rated Plus seal next to your name in your listings with Power Seller status. Not only does this provide listing discounts, but customers are more confident in you as a seller when you have this status.

Top Rated Benefits

Power Seller

Making sure that the product you sell is not defective, packaging the item and printing the shipping label on the day it’s ordered, and dropping it in the mail on the next available postal day, is really all it takes to maintain the Top Rated seller status. It is well worth the benefits you receive.




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