Buy and Sell

He’s Got Your Back

I like to think that I know a lot about selling on eBay and other platforms.

Keep It Current

As I’ve stated before, I have my listings on several platforms.

Check Yourself

There is a program that most platforms use that’s called the VeRO program. VeRo stands for Verified Rights Owner Program.

Keep an Eye on Them

Although I told you that eBay and Bonanza are in sync, and delete listings that are sold or ended on each other, it’s not fool proof. I started selling on Bonanza the first of January this year. On the 7th, I received an email from them stating that they had removed one of my listings because of copyright infringement. I was selling a phone car mount and the company that manufactures them didn’t want others to sell them. Once in awhile, certain companies will take issue with you selling their product and ask that you remove them from your listings. In Bonanza’s case, they remove the listing for you. I assumed (my first mistake), that because the listing was deleted from Bonanza, that it was also automatically removed from eBay. I didn’t think about it again. On March 25th I received an email from Bonanza stating that they had once again deleted this same listing from my booth. I then checked eBay and sure enough, it was still listed there. Apparently the “syncing” didn’t work that time and it stayed listed on eBay. The next time Bonanza did an update, which adds any new listings to Bonanza that I’ve put onto eBay, it must have put the item back onto Bonanza. I immediately went and deleted the listing from eBay so it can’t happen again. Later that same day, I received another email from Bonanza stating that my booth had been put on administrative hold because the item had been relisted after I had been told it was prohibited. My booth was on hold for 4 days, which is potentially a lot of sales. So again, lesson learned. Don’t rely on eBay and Bonanza to delete listings. I am now going to periodically check to make sure that the appropriate listings are being deleted or reduced when appropriate. In the case of a copyright infringement, I will delete them myself.

Return Pet Peeve

Returns of an item you’ve sold are never great, but some can be really frustrating.

Who Made the Grade?

I started listing on two new platforms about a month ago. Bonanza and Depop. Bonanza was attractive to me because of the ability to link it to my eBay. Your listings can be imported all at once from eBay to Bonanza, and when something is sold on eBay, it’s deleted from Bonanza automatically. I have done quite well with Bonanza. 10 sales in the first month, which is a great start!. The only thing I don’t like about Bonanza is that they charge a fee to print a shipping label from their website. I solved that problem by printing all shipping labels for Bonanza on the website Pirate Ship. Pirate Ship is free, and will find you the cheapest way to ship your package. Just make sure that you mark your item on Bonanza as shipped and fill in the tracking information. Depop is a platform that sells clothing. I listed 40 items of clothing on Depop about a month ago. Listing on Depop must be done on the Depop app on your phone. You can buy on your desktop, but you can’t list. I haven’t had any sales, offers, or even inquiries. A few of the listings have been shared by members but that’s all. Because of the seemingly “lack of interest”, I’ve decided to delete my listings on Depop. I had considered deleting all listings on Mercari after not selling anything during the Christmas season, but then decided to leave it for a bit longer to see if sales would pick up. I even lowered the prices of the 30 items I had for sale on the site. It didn’t have any effect. No sales, offers, or inquiries again. After a certain period of time, Mercari deactivates any listings with no action. Just last week over half of my listings were deactivated by Mercari, so I deleted them and all the rest. On some figurines and collectible items that I’ve had listed on eBay for awhile, I added the “make an offer” option. I have sold several of these items by accepting offers that were made. Buyers seem to really feel good about a purchase that they fee they got a good deal on. I’m finding it’s a good way to clean up slow moving inventory. Don’t be intimidated or frustrated with low-ball offers. Buyers are going to try to get something for as low as they can, that doesn’t mean that you have to accept it. More of then not, they are willing to meet you in the middle. As for the question who made the grade? That would be Bonanza. Depop and Mercari did not.

Lesson Learned

Something happened this week that I’ve been afraid would happen for sometime now.

Always Looking to Expand

I’m always looking for new platforms to sell on. I heard about the site Depop some time ago, but with the holidays and then tax season, I just hadn’t had time to check it out.

Sourcing With Coupons

Couponing can be another useful tool when sourcing items to sell online.