Family Friday

My Journey – Part Nine

Supplementing my diet with protein shakes was a great solution for my 60 gram daily goal. It did however, cause problems in other areas.

My Journey…Part Eight

The two week liquid diet after surgery was both easier and harder then the two weeks before.

My Journey – Part Six

By the first of August 2018, I had only lost 17 of the 35 lbs that I needed to lose before surgery.

My Journey – Part Five

Losing the 35 lbs that I needed to before I could have the surgery, proved to be quite challenging.

My Journey – Part Four

As required by the program, I also started seeing a behaviorist named Devin.

My Journey – Part Two

Giving up the Pepsi was not easy. 40 years of it being practically the only thing I ever drank made it close to impossible!

One on One

My 4 year old granddaughter Aly, until just recently, had lived with us her entire life.