Things I Love

Leopard is What She Loves

Knowing that Aya loves animal print on anything, I picked up a pair of slip-on, brown leopard print sneakers, while I was last out eBay shopping. Unfortunately, they were too tight, and she was crushed. Knowing that the store I purchased them at had only had them in the one size, I set about online to find her another pair. Amazon never fails to disappoint me, I’m not sure how I muddled through without it before. Not only did I find very similar leopard print sneakers, but I found them in PINK! The only thing Aya likes better than leopard, is pink, and to find them all rolled into one? That was a no brainer!Slip-On Leopard Print Sneaker

No Cable

My husband Errol and I have never been the kind of people that go out a lot. We like to eat at restaurants, or occasionally hang out with his sister, Noreen and her husband Don, (who just happen to also be our best friends). Our nights off are spent laying on the bed watching a good movie, or TV series that we like.

Organizer Cart

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m an organizer. I have to be organized in whatever I do, and I love to help others be organized. I have always felt that everything should have a home, and should always be in it’s home. Especially in business, being organized is essential in keeping track of things like inventory, supplies, and whether you have enough blogs for the weekly emails. My Thing I Love this week is a great organizer cart that I found on Amazon. Honey-Can-Do CRT-01683 12 Drawer Chrome Studio Organizer Cart

Things I Love – Returns?

With the numerous items that I have ordered from Amazon, I have only had to return two items. Both of the returns were because I accidentally ordered the wrong items. The first one was

Things I Love – Cat Play

Having 3 cats, I know the importance of keeping them well exercised. Not only will they be happier and healthier, but you’ll sleep better if they’re tired out after they play and exercise all day.

Things I Love – Awards

My husband’s very large family is having a reunion this year and my brother-in-law Eric is hosting at his home. Several family members have been meeting to organize the occasion. There will be a lot of games and contests, therefore, we felt it warranted awards of some kind. I was put in charge of

Things I Love – Gifts From Amazon

There is nothing I like more than to have an Amazon box show up on my deck, when I know I haven’t recently ordered anything. It means that someone I love is thinking of me, and have sent me something great!

Things I Love – Projection Alarm Clock

After finding that projection alarm clocks exist, I will never be without one. I wear glasses all the time, and can’t see past the end of my nose without them. I used to have to

Things I Love – Little Girls Summer Shoes

Summer is fast approaching. It’s time to put away the winter boots, and heavy shoes for the light weight, airy shoes of summer. As with all little girls, whose feet grow like weeds, both girls needed new summer shoes, and I found just what I was looking for.

Things I Love – The Fire TV Stick from Amazon

My son Tony and his wife Thea gave us an Amazon Fire TV Stick for Christmas one year. I don’t know how we ever managed without it now! My husband Errol and I are big movie buffs, and the Fire TV Stick allows us to watch thousands of movies without the cost (since we have Amazon Prime), and from our own home. We’re now going to stop our cable subscription, and run with just the Fire TV Stick for our programming. The Fire TV Stick has so many apps to choose from, you can