Update on Sales

Two weeks ago I told you that I was going to give the site Etsy a try. I have to say it’s been quite successful.

I had listed 146 listings of sewing notions, fat quarters, fleece kits, and embroidery kits. As of today, I’ve had 5 sales. I think that’s pretty good for only two weeks. I’m finding that embroidery kits sell quite well. I’ve sold two, and both were to buyers in Canada.
The listing fees for Etsy are considerably lower than eBay. I can list an item for 20 cents on Etsy, and it’s good for 4 months. EBay’s fee is 10 cents per listing, per month, but that’s only because I have a store subscription that I pay $59.95 a month. Selling fees are a bit lower than eBay’s also. I’m considering moving all of my sewing type items to Etsy only, and not paying both sites to list them.

Poshmark is another selling site that I’ve listed on recently. Poshmark promotes it’s site as the simple and fun way to shop and sell fashion. The premise is that you can shop the closets of women across America, and sell from yours too.

I’ve only had a chance to list a couple of the clothing items that I have for sale so far on Poshmark. I plan to add more in the very near future. I went through a tote of clothing that I don’t wear anymore and found a few real gems. Some even still have their tags!

Poshmark doesn’t have listing fees, which means I can list as many items as I want. They collect their fees only when you sell an item. An item that sells for under $15 would mean that Poshmark gets $2.95. For an item that sells for over $15 Poshmark would get 20% of that sale. In the long run, it seems to me that it more or less balances out to be comparable to the other online selling sites.

I believe that the more visibility the items I’m selling get, the more chance I have to sell them. You do however, need to be careful when double listing. For example, if I sell an item on Etsy that is also listed on eBay, I have to make sure that I delete it from eBay. It would be horrible if I didn’t, and I then sold the item again on eBay, but didn’t have it to send. That is not an email I’d like to write!

I keep track of my double listings on the spreadsheet I keep. Each site is given a color. If I list an item on eBay and on Etsy, I fill the date box with the color green. On Amazon, yellow, and on Poshmark lavender.


Having notifications on my phone when an item sells is very helpful. I can then immediately delete the item that sold from the second site. I am hopeful that by cross listing on multiple sites, that my sales will increase. We shall see.




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