We Love Them Deerly

There is still an issue with our trail cam that we haven’t figured out yet.

But that isn’t keeping us from seeing the local wildlife in the back yard though. One day at noon time, we had a lunch visitor.

Then a couple of days later we had another show up, and Aya got to see that one before it sprinted away. It was too quick for a photo though.

This past weekend we were in for a treat. Everyone got to see this pair show up for a salt lick lunch.

The squirrels seem to prefer breakfast time to visit.

The girls love to go out and check out the tracks while leaving treats for the deer and the red and gray squirrels we’ve seen. Aly very often will ask Papa, “Is it time to throw the apples and peanuts?”

Every time a deer shows up in the backyard, you can find two little girls perched on the counter in front of the kitchen window watching them. They never seem to tire of it.

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