What is Cyber Monday?

Everyone knows about the big shopping bargain day on the Friday after Thanksgiving called Black Friday.

Not everyone has heard of Cyber Monday, or “internet Black Friday”. Cyber Monday hasn’t been around as long as Black Friday, but it’s become fairly popular. It occurs on the Monday after Black Friday. I prefer it because I don’t like shopping in crowds, and I certainly don’t want to have to shop in the middle of the night.

Cyber Monday allows you to have some great deals, and to shop from the privacy of your own home.


As an online seller, Cyber Monday kicks off the Christmas shopping season for me. That’s the day when people start seriously looking for the Christmas gifts that they need to purchase online. Sometimes they’re looking for items that they couldn’t find when they went out for Black Friday.

Some of the stores offering Cyber Monday deals are Amazon, Best Buy, Cole Haan, Footlocker, and Gap, just to name a few.


I am looking forward to a large quantity of sales today. Shhh, I’ll be making a few purchases myself!


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