Wheelin’ & Dealin’ on Poshmark

Having been selling on Poshmark for a few weeks now, I have found that this site, more than any other I sell on, likes to wheel and deal on prices.

Every item I’ve sold has been at a lower price than I originally listed it for. Potential buyers will very often send you an offer for an item they are interested in. You can respond with either acceptance, a counter offer, or you can decline the offer. I simply make sure that when I list an item, I price it allowing a few dollars leeway to give a small discount and still make what I need to make for profit.


I declined the above offer because I felt it was way too low for these items. If the buyer is still interested, they can start another offer for that item.

There is also a process called Offer to Likers. If a potential buyer “likes” an item you’re selling, you can then offer them a 10% discount and $1.50 off the shipping. This is a new process that Poshmark has just started for a limited time. My guess is that if it’s successful, they will probably offer it for longer. I have had several sales start this way in the past week.

Bundling is also another way to offer a discount to a customer. A customer will “bundle” two or more items. Because Poshmark charges each customer a flat $6.49 for priority shipping, bundling means the customer would only pay one shipping fee for the whole bundle. I had a customer interested in two Carhartt thermal shirts that I had listed for $30 each. I received an offer of $40 and countered with $50, which she accepted. Final sale meant she saved $10 on the purchase price and $6.49 on the shipping, because she only had to pay it once.


The main thing to remember if listing on Poshmark is to allow a little haggle room. If purchasing on Poshmark, don’t be shy to offer a lower amount. The sellers are expecting it.


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