Where To Store Your Inventory

One of the most difficult aspects of online selling is where to store your inventory.

Most people don’t have an abundance of space in their homes. I certainly don’t with 7 of us living here, but I have found some ways to make it a bit easier when storing my product.

Glass and breakables

The most difficult to store because you need to make sure that it doesn’t get broken. There is a large shelving unit in Aya’s room. She can’t reach the top two shelves, which makes a perfect location for all of my fragile items.

There are also some small wooden shelves in her room that are too high for her, but perfect for me.


Large or boxed items and tins

My husband Errol built some shelving into a closet in our basement that we weren’t using as a closet. It has become an ideal location for larger, bulkier items, or items in boxes and tins that can be easily stacked.


Stuffed animals and pillows

Stuffed animals and pillows need to be kept clean and dust and cat hair free. These I put into large totes that are stacked in the basement.


Clothing and small items

I purchased many ‘bankers boxes’. They come flat, and you fold out the box and the cover. I neatly fold each item of clothing and put it into a labeled ziploc sealed bag. Then I do the same with small, like items. Labeling each box shows what is in each box, and they are also kept in the basement.


Dvds, books and fat quarters

Dvds, books, and fat quarters are kept on the main level on bookshelves. The fat quarters are put into ziploc sealed bags to keep them dust free.


Everything else

As you can see, the shelves and basement are quite full. New inventory is boxed and piled in the living room next to my desk.

My inventory is spread out around the house. My family is very accommodating and don’t seem to mind. They’re also very helpful putting items away, or helping me find what has sold. I may do the bulk of the listing, selling and shipping, but I couldn’t do it without all my assistants!


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