Why Should You Use Promoted Listings on eBay?

By using the promoted listing tool on eBay, your listing will be higher in the search results, therefore increasing visiblity by 30%.

Increased exposure of your listing will likely lead to a sale. You will only be charged for the Promoted Listing if the item sells.

To be eligible to use promoted listings, you must have an eBay store. You can create Promoted Listing campaigns and monitor their performance through your Seller Hub.


Simply choose Marketing, then Promoted Listings, then Create new campaign.


EBay will then take you through the process, step-by-step. You will choose which items you want to promote, and how much you want to pay for the ads. EBay will then launch the Promoted Listing. When choosing a listing to promote, it is best to choose one that has a high profit margin. You don’t want to promote a listing that you’re only going to make a couple of dollars on because you’ll be giving a good portion of that to eBay.

Choosing your ad rate will determine the likelihood of increased promotion. Ad rates begin at 1% of the listing price of an item. If a buyer clicks on one of your promoted ads, and then buys the item within 30 days, you will be charged the ad rate that you chose for that listing. Ad fees show on your seller invoice.


You can monitor the activity on your Promoted Listings Dashboard. This graph will show you how many times your promoted items are clicked on.

There are more benefits to promoting your listings if you are a Top Rated Seller or if you have an Anchor Store. Top Rated Sellers are eligible to receive a $30 credit each quarter. Anchor Store subscribers are eligible to receive a $25 credit each quarter. If you’re both a Top Rated Seller and Anchor or Enterprise Store subscriber, you’re eligible to receive both quarterly credits, totaling $55. To get your credits, simply start using Promoted Listings. Credits will appear on your monthly invoice.

When you create new listings in a category that you have Promoted Listings, don’t forget to promote them. They won’t automatically become one.. The option is located at the bottom of the create a listing.



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